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Thanks to all of you Girls Gone 37, 45, 59-and-a-half, 63, 74 who responded to our “Do You Say Your Age?” Survey. (Click here if you want to take it now.)

We literally were knocked over by a sparkling silver tidal wave of women who are not afraid to #sayyourage. We also loved hearing from those who can admit they still fudge it, because as you know from reading our last post, we’ve been there, done that. The most important thing is that whether you choose to say your age or not, you all had something important to say.

80% said they’re Loud & Proud

Turning 60 was the start of my Third Act, the new chapter that felt ripe with the promise of deeper meaning. Ahead of me are my best years — the wisdom to make good decisions, my most valuable work, and the ability to appreciate every moment.”

“54. I’m proud of it. Also, lying is stressful” “Age 51. I love hearing about what women older than myself have accomplished. I hate that injections and surgeries have messed up people’s ability to tell what each age really looks like. If it’s ok to be older, why can’t I look my age?” “71 and still going strong.”

“I used to think I was a young 57. I was incorrect. I am a solid 57. I’m not ‘too young’ for cruises or senior communities or compression socks or turning in early after an evening watching PBS. Rock on 🤘”

Loud & Proud. Because life is too short.

55 and a proud survivor.”

“After breast cancer and a double mastectomy, I stopped caring about age and anything that wasn’t authentically me. I had a headhunter mention it to me yesterday kinda slyly and I had none of it! “

I’m 60 and so proud to have gotten this far. I have taken lots of risks and faced a lot of challenges in my life. I never thought I’d make it past fifty. Surely the stress alone should’ve gotten me by now. But I have survived. And I’ve learned so much along the way. And I started a new business this year. And I am making a documentary. There is still so much I want to do!”

Loud & Proud. Just not at work.

“58. I had breast cancer at 32. Every birthday is a good one. However, I am very uncomfortable about my age in the professional world and have been the victim of ageism over and over. Until now. I just accepted an offer with a highly regarded international non-profit and I am thrilled!” “I’m 57, I spent twenty years as a TV commercial producer where 45 was old before my transitioning careers due to coincidental illness. It’s important to be strong. Hire, promote and retain older people. Don’t hide our ages.”

Loud & Proud. And repentant.

I’m kind of an asshole, because I know I look young for my age (good genes, you should see my mom). So I say my age all the time. It’s a bad reason to do it.

“My problem is that I look a lot younger so saying my age (61) is like some sort of bragging,”

13% said they’re Still Fudging It

“Nearly 60 and planning a big birthday announcement to combat all the years I did fudge it.” “40. It’s not that I don’t like my age, I just feel that I can be any age I want to be.”

It depends. Since I’m aging really well, I’ll say how old I am just to get the “OMG” reaction. As I spent almost 9 years living abroad, I’m playing catch up professionally. With that said, I’ll just not disclose in professional situations.”

7% said their age is Classified Information

“I’m not quite ready to be the pioneer I’m afraid. Especially not in an industry that reverses youth. But all strength to those braver than I am.” “In advertising one’s age is a highly kept secret.”

And then there are those who are wise beyond their years.

“I don’t lie about it. I just don’t make it part of my narrative. It’s irrelevant to me, so if no one brings it up I don’t either.”

I have never attached any meaning to my age. For me it’s just how long I have been alive. And I have a beautiful mother who, at the age of 84 still (cringingly) fishes for age compliments non stop. How old do you think I am. It’s nothing. It’s a number. Nothing more. The meaning YOU attach to it, is what gives it its ultimate power. Change the paradigm you have created around it, and none of the meaning you have attached to it will exist from that moment forward.”

Well said all.

Grace Creative is a women-owned advertising, marketing, and creative agency that deeply understands how to reach the most empowered consumers in history: women over 50.



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